No matter how much square footage you have in your home, if it isn’t used properly it can feel uncomfortable or cluttered. To make your home functional, Beginning to End Interiors & Blinds can help you with space planning in Sarasota, Florida.

Do you feel like you need more storage space in one room and less floor space in another? Using CAD, or computer-aided drafting, our interior designers ensure you are getting the most out of the space you have. CAD combines the expertise of our staff with the benefits of technology to provide computer-generated images of different configurations you could use in your home. This is a particularly useful tool when remodeling your home, because you can see how different layouts would work without actually tearing down walls.

This technology can also be used to determine the best furniture placement for your space. Drawing in walls, windows, doorways, outlets, and air vents before adding in furniture and area rugs allows our designers to create a layout that takes advantage of every inch of your room and is the most functional for the way you and your family live.

Space planning should take into account how a room is used and the natural focal points of the space. Picture windows, fireplaces and even flat-screen TVs can be the most important aspect of a room, so the furniture should be planned around them.

Another important part of space planning is providing the right traffic flow throughout a room. Our interior designers in our Sarasota, Florida showroom can create a layout to allow family members and guests to easily move around instead of winding their way through a confusing maze of furniture.

Space planning is just as important in a large room as it is in a small one. Large rooms can feel cavernous and uninviting with the wrong layout. Adding a wall or creating separate areas with furnishings will help your space feel homey and inviting.

Whether you are remodeling rooms or just trying to utilize them better, Beginning to End Interiors & Blinds can help you with your space planning needs. Make an appointment for us to come see your space today.