In a recent Men on the Scene article, our own Alan Gravely and Stan Writesel were featured for their attention to detail, eye for design, and excellent customer service. We’ve always known how amazing they are, and it was wonderful to see them recognized appropriately. The article was a bit short, so we wanted to share some additional things that make these two men so amazing.

Alan is basically a magician when it comes to home automation. He creates and integrates easy-to-use systems that allow your window treatments, lighting, and other decor to work together seamlessly in your home. With Alan’s creations, not only will your home look amazing, but you will also be amazed at how convenient everything is. Want to wake up to natural light in your home every morning? Alan can help you program your custom shades to open and close automatically based on your schedule.

Stan has amazing attention to detail and ensures the quality of everything that comes into our showroom and leaves our drapery workroom and upholstery studio. This attention to detail is crucial when crafting exquisite custom interiors for each of our clients, because everything has to work together perfectly. The way the lighting looks in your home can drastically change the colors of your decor and the feel of the room, so having someone like Stan double-checking everything is an invaluable asset.

Not only are Alan and Stan amazing, but they are so extremely humble. They credit their team with much of their success, and we are all so proud to be a part of their team. We strive every day to provide our customers with interiors that they’ll love to come home to and want to provide amazing customer service along the way.

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