Draperies add a true sense of charm to your home. They can compliment on contrast your decor, depending on your preference. In addition to adding visual interest, they provide privacy and darken your rooms when desired. Beginning To End Interiors & Blinds in Sarasota is your one-stop shop for all of your custom curtain and drapery needs. We have an exquisite selection of fabrics, allowing you to customize curtains that reflect your unique style.
Not only are custom curtains and draperies stylish, but they have many functional uses too. You can have the best of both worlds with these window treatments: style and functionality!

Control the Temperature of Any Room

According to Apartment Ratings, curtains and draperies can help control the temperature of a room. Apartment Ratings recommends linen curtains for any room in your home, but especially for your bedroom. Simply close your curtains or draperies to stay warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Keep the sun out during the summer and keep your thermostat down during the winter. This can also help cut down on your energy bill, so there’s more money in your wallet at the end of the month. And who doesn’t love having a little extra cash to spend?

Customizable Design

What sets curtains and draperies apart from other window treatments is that they are very customizable in their design. You can choose your curtains or draperies to match your existing home décor and personal style. Get funky with bold patterns and designs, or opt to use these window treatments to accent the colors of your room’s décor. Choose from a variety of different color, fabric and design options. You’ll be impressed with what you’ll find!

Keep Noise Out

There’s nothing worse than laying down for a nap and hearing loud neighbors, barking dogs or noisy lawnmowers that keep you awake. According to How Stuff Works, by adding thick curtains, you help soundproof your home. So now you can finally enjoy your relaxing afternoon nap in peace.


Large bay windows and specialty arched windows are beautiful, but it can be difficult to buy window treatments for these window styles. Curtains and draperies are great for these types of windows because of their versatility. According to eHow, these window treatments fit the shape of these specialty windows more easily, which gives your windows a cleaner and more finished look.
We hope that we now have you convinced that custom curtains and draperies will be the perfect addition to any room in your home! Come visit our showroom in Sarasota, Florida to get your own set of custom curtains or draperies!
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