At Beginning to End Interiors and Blinds, we realize the importance of detail. The right accessories can express your personal style, add character to your home and serve as that perfect conversation piece. While the possibilities are endless when it comes to home decor accessories, here are some of the more popular ideas that are trending this season.


Mirrors reflect light and give a room the appearance of extra depth. They can be used to accentuate artwork or a great view when placed on adjacent walls. A framed full sized mirror can make a dramatic statement when placed on the floor and leaned up against the wall.

Wall Decor and Wall Art

Large windowless walls are walls that can best show off unique wall decor or beautiful artwork. Wall decor can be almost anything, from wall hangings and tapestries to unique wall sculptures or even a decorative bookshelf.

Everyone has heard that decorators recommend using accessories in groups of three of five before. Walls, however, can be a great place for a pair of colorful, coordinating pieces that flank a window or a fireplace, establishing balance and symmetry around which furniture and rugs can be arranged.


Large wall clocks have been a popular decorating accessory for a while now. The fact that they’re functional and can be quite beautiful make them easy to incorporate into the decor of any room. Choose a clock that goes with the style of the room, whether it be contemporary or Old World, and make sure it complements your personal style.


Candles are a great way to incorporate light, color accents and a feeling of warmth into a room. No matter where you decide to incorporate candles, they will create a warming and welcoming environment. Clustering them with varying heights and using candle holders gives a decorative flair to any room.

Vases and Art Glass

When selecting vases and glass artwork, remember this is the best place to incorporate bold, striking and risky colors into your design.  Even if you love neon green, you might not be brave enough to paint in on your walls. Selecting three or four artful objects, like vases, bowls and bookends, that have a bold hue in common, and placing them throughout the room will create just the right foundation with your favorite color without overpowering your decor or offending your guests.

No matter what the accessory needs of your home are, the interior design experts here at Beginning to End have you covered. With our wide variety of brands and styles of home accessories, we will be able to help accent any home, no matter the budget, design sensibility, or size. Stop by our showroom in Sarasota, Florida today to begin accessorizing your home to reach its fullest potential.

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