When choosing the right rugs for your home, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. First, decide what the tone of the room is that you’re working with. Are you trying to create a relaxing, spa-like bedroom retreat or trying to express your personal style? Second, think about function. Is this room going to be a high traffic area? Is this an area that’s likely to have food and drink spills? Read on for some tips on choosing the rugs that will work best for you.

If you are creating a relaxing bedroom retreat, think about keeping colors light and calming. You want to create a feeling of relaxation that promotes sleep and tranquility. Use wall to wall rugs made of cotton, silk or wool that are soft and help to absorb sound. Try to avoid vinyl carpets and rugs or rugs that have busy designs and quirky features.

The living room is an entirely different story. This is the place to express your personality by using bold colors and patterns, if you wish. Just about anything goes when it comes to living room decor and rugs. It’s ok to layer a few rugs in the living room to fit the space. Though there aren’t any hard rules, we think it is best to follow these 2 guidelines: the rug shouldn’t be the dominant feature in the room; and, the rug should work with the overall theme of the room. Something to keep in mind is that living rooms usually showcase the home’s beautiful flooring. You might not want to cover it all up with wall to wall area rugs. The rug or rugs should be small enough to show off at least some of the flooring in the living room. Another thing to consider is the amount of wear and tear living room rugs should be able to withstand. If the rug is going to be in a high traffic area, consider using a wool pile rug. These are much easier to clean than cotton, silk or nylon.

The entryway will set the tone for the rest of the house. Whatever rug you choose here should establish the personality for the rest of the home. Keep in mind that durability is important here as well. Choose a rug made of materials that can stand up to heavy foot traffic.

A common mistake people make when it comes to rugs in the bathroom is that they go for inexpensive rugs and bathmats due to the fact that they think they’ll have to replace them frequently due to dampness and water. It’s definitely worth it to invest in high quality rugs in your home’s bathrooms. Go for a quality rug that is thick, absorbent and looks soft and cozy. Light colors such as soft green or light blue give the bathroom a light, clean and sanitary look. Rugs are best used in full sized bathrooms, not in small half baths or powder rooms. For smaller bathrooms, consider using woven cotton rugs or bathmats that can easily be thrown in the wash.

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