When it comes to creating the perfect room, finding the best decorative items can inspire and pull together a beautiful space. Area rugs, for example, can tie a living space together or inspire the room completely, but how do you decide on the perfect one? Read on to learn about choosing the right area rugs for homes in Sarasota, FL.

Floor Artwork

When it comes to design, a rug is not just a rug. In fact, it is a piece of artwork that goes on your floor, and just like any other piece of art, it has to balance with the rest of the space. One expert tip on choosing the right area rugs for homes in Sarasota, FL, is to start with the rug first. Based on its colors and patterns, you can choose similar pallets to match your paintings, throw pillows, curtains, and walls to create a cohesive look.

The next question to ask is what size rug works best. Most average-size rooms should leave 10 to 20 inches of floor between the edges of the rug and walls of the living space. However, depending on how big the room is, you can go as high as 24 inches and as low as 8. In any case, make sure that the rug is placed neatly in the center of the room for the best look.

Lifestyle and Maintenance

Depending on foot traffic and the wear-and-tear that comes with different lifestyles, different rugs will do best. As many know, cleaning carpet takes effort. With this in mind, you will have to decide between high-pile rugs versus low-pile rugs. Low-pile rugs are generally cheaper, sturdier, and easier to vacuum and clean. However, high-pile rugs provide a sense of luxury and are softer to the touch. If you remain realistic about the effort you are willing to put in for maintenance, choosing the right area rugs for homes in Sarasota, FL becomes much easier.

As a rule of thumb for high or low-pile rugs, a room that gets heavy foot traffic will do best with a low-pile rug. This will hold up well against multiple uses. For a room that does not see as much traffic, the thicker high-pile rug will do the trick. Have a household with small children, pets, or clumsy hands? A rug with a darker color and pattern will be able to masks spills and stains better than a white rug.


Creating the perfect room takes thought and careful consideration, especially if you are adding a rug into the picture. However, choosing the right area rugs for homes in Sarasota, FL, becomes a breeze when you treat the rug as a place of art inspiration, understand your lifestyle, and are realistic about cleaning and maintenance. To learn more about choosing the best rug for your living space, be sure to contact or visit Beginning to End Interiors & Blinds today!

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